on the boat
all ends with a splash
common dolphin, bay of islands
the crew for week 3
CTD calibration sponsored by RBR
nono sunset
diving with fish, deep water cove
deployment ctd
nono at gulf harbour
common dolphin bay of islands

Latest News and Trip Updates/ Aktuelle Nachrichten und Neuigkeiten

Daily blog posts from the research trip

Contact to science@hhr.org.au!

This is a joint project by SY NoNo Management, Humpbacks & High-Rises Inc and Dr. Olaf

Kontakt bei science@hhr.org.au.

Ein gemeinsames Projekt von SY NoNo ManagementHumpbacks & High-Rises Inc und Dr. Olaf

Info & Facts

Here are some information about the research trip.

Research: Distribution and abundance of common dolphins and other cetaceans along the EAUC

Time frame: January-March 2015

Activities: deploying oceanographic equipment, photographic identification of marine mammals, behaviour surveys and records of distribution of marine mammals.

Link to German newspaper article Elbe-Jeetzel Zeitung: Unter Segeln ins Delfin-Paradies